Cheryl’s Story

Cheryl’s Story

When asked to speak to a group of individuals about why I do what I do, I share my story!

So here goes!

I was born and raised in South East Detroit to a Master Carpenter. My parents had 7 children of their own and took in my cousins when their parents died so then there was 10 of us. We never went without anything, especially love. Growing up my parents always taught me to treat everyone the same as the outside rarely equals the real person inside.

I grew up and I married a man I was madly in love with and we had four children. At first it was good, but slowly it got worse as he became more and more seeped into addiction. After my marriage died, I fled with my children and became HOMELESS. My family was raised Catholic and because of my choice to divorce, the Church disowned me and so did my family. They were not there for me (luckily the thinking of the Catholic church has changed). Anyhow, I was fortunate enough to find a job right away cleaning the factory at Hicks Plastics and waitressing at night. Yes, we (my 4 children and I) slept in our car for a few weeks in January, but after a few weeks I made enough to get a room at the Chesterfield Inn. That was just the start of a new beginning.

I worked and saved for 9 months to get an apartment in Harrison Township. I worked hard, improved my position and got a job working for Detroit Newspapers. Then I met my current husband, who not only helped me renew my faith in God, but in mankind as well. I continued working at Detroit Newspapers and helped launch Career Builder, then went off to work for Konica Minolta. When the car industry took a dive, I decided to get a job giving away the Obama phones; it opened my eyes to homelessness again. It reminded me of how hard it had been.

God placed feeding his people in my heart. But I ignored it, until one of the homeless people I met was beaten for stealing a sandwich. You see, today if you become homeless, it’s harder to get off the streets. In order to get a job you need an address, it’s just not walking in filling out an application and getting a job. It’s a long tedious process to secure employment. Along the way, I met genuine people and with the grace of GOD, they have helped me to start GIVING BACK!

I’m 8 years in with Macomb Feeding the Need. We’ve literally fed and clothed thousands, helped 34 families get off the streets and it’s by far the most REWARDING THING I HAVE EVER DONE. I’m hooked! I can’t imagine my life before God placed feeding his people in my heart.