Homeless to Housing

Our Homeless to Housing Program partnered with Macomb Feeding the Need has been providing a true need for home goods. We provide donated furniture and other household items including dishes, pots and pans, etc., for those who have chosen to change their life for the better. Ultimately, our goal is to help individuals obtain employment and help them get off the streets. We do this by providing on the job training, help them build a resume and provide them with clothing for an interview. After they have secured employment, we connect them with other ministries who provide financial educational resources. This helps them secure funds for security deposits if needed for an apartment and cost of living. Are job is not finished though! We realize that they require some skills to be successful in their endeavors! We partner them with a focus/support group to continue the positive path of improving their lives. These focus groups consist of individuals from finance (Banker or Financial Advisor, etc.), Child Care worker (Teacher, Day Care provider, Etc.), an individual who is educated with resources available in their community, and a leader with training in counseling. We have found these are the key areas people need to be successful in their efforts improving and growing in their lives. Ultimately the health of the community lies with the ability for the residents to sustain themselves. So far we have been successful in placing 36 individuals into housing and helping them stay off the streets. It is important to note that everything we do is at no cost to the clients who come for help.