MATS for the Homeless

We started the Mats for the Homeless project early 2017 after our Homeless Sleep out based at the Roseville police department in January. It was a very bitter cold 17 degrees that night. Even though we provided boxes, trash bags, blankets, hand and toe warmers, everyone was very cold. We wanted feedback on what everyone thought of the experience and the overwhelming response was “the cold from the ground went right into our bones, and we couldn’t get warm”. It was time to research a way to protect the homeless from the cold ground. After scanning through some web search results, we found a video of women in Nicaragua that were producing purses out of plastic shopping bags. Something clicked! We experimented and made a mat out of plastic grocery shopping bags. We discovered that it serves as way to provide insulation from the cold ground and keeps the body heat from escaping! We have expanded our efforts making mats working with a range of organizations from Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and several church groups.

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