Macomb Feeding the Need is seeking sponsorships for our “Major” Annual Events

First and foremost, your business and/or organization will be a part of some very moving experiences and events that will help give voice and much needed awareness of the homeless and low-income (near homeless) population that is so prevalent in our communities.

Sponsorship money that is raised will go towards the costs of the events as well as the on-going operations of what Macomb Feeding the Need does in the community. Our organization is currently 100% volunteer based so we rely solely on the generosity of business partners for their financial contributions, in-kind donations, and professional services. Money is used to pay our monthly rent, the cost of supplies and food, taxes, insurance, our basic operating costs.

Our current aggressive goal is to raise enough money to provide meals and the additional assistance and services we offer 5 days a week verses the 2 days a week that we are currently serving. In order to accomplish this, we are estimating an operating budget and expenses of approximately $160,000 annually. That amount is to expand our service to 5 days a week as well as allow us to provide approximately 7 paid part-time employment opportunities for some of the people in our community.

In addition to helping Macomb Feeding the Need achieve our goals and helping to service our community, we also offer our Sponsors an excellent promotional opportunity and visibility. Also, Macomb Feeding the Need is a non-profit 501c3 with a great track record and offers your business visibility in “giving back” to your community by sponsoring our organization.

Macomb Feeding the Need currently has sponsorship opportunities. Sponsorship available from $1,000 and higher to $50,000 annually for participation in our events. We offer a wide variety of marketing opportunities and visibility to your business that showcase’s your good faith support as well as your products and services. Macomb Feeding the Need has a very wide, diverse and vast outreach.

We appreciate your consideration and would be happy to discuss any of this information in more detail or work out a customized sponsorship with your business and/or organization.

Contact us today to find out more information.